Internet Monitoring Software for Parents

internet monitoring softwareAre you a parent who is concerned about what you child is doing online?  If so you are not alone.  Many parents feel the same way you do.  And it is no surprise.  Just consider the facts.

1 in 4 children are involved with Cyberbulling.  1 in 3 Children report being approached online by a stranger.  This stuff is no joke.

As a parent you need to know what your kids are doing all day long on the computer.  You need to know who they are talking with.  You need to know which YouTube videos they are watching.  You need to know just how violent the video games they are playing really are.

So how do you easily watch what your kids are doing on the computer.

PC Tattletale Internet Monitoring Software for Parents makes it a snap

There are internet monitoring software programs that make watching your kids online a snap.  The key you want to look for in these kinds of programs is that:

1. they really work (most do not)

2. They are easy for you as a parent to install and get working on your family PC.

PC Tattletale does both of these with ease.  Let’s take a look at this YouTube video which you can watch here:

As you can see internet monitoring software does not need to be a difficult thing that you need a computer programming degree to use.  Programs like PC Tattletale internet monitoring software for parents makes it easy for you.

The next time you think something is not right with your kids consider using a program like PC Tattletale.  You won’t be sorry because you will see everything they did in a simple to use DVR format.  It gets even better because you can now watch them from your iPhone, Android device or MAC computer.

When you think about how much time kids spend on line these days a simple internet monitoring software programs for parents like PC Tattletale can be a real life saver.